ONTARIO POLICE COLLEGE PO Box 1190 10716 Hacienda Road .

i live in london, on, canada. and i would love to get my hometown police service streamed online. if there Are police scanners legal in ontario canada is anyone out there who can let me know

Best Answer: Leslie- I saw that last night and thought it was yours but wasn't 100% sure. The first time I saw it it even that the "this user does not .

Live Scanner Audio Follow the news as it happens. LIVE! Listen to the radio transmissions of your local Police and Fire emergency services as they Are police scanners legal in ontario canada do their jobs.

Best Answer: It is legal to own and listen to a police scanner. But, it is illegal if you go to crimes or try and dish out your own justice to "be the .

Best Answer: How bored are u really??? why dont you get a life rather than a police scanner . You can buy a police scanner in many places of Toronto but it won't do .

we have the latest scanner frequencies for all of the emergency & non-emergency services in canada. the latest codes, abbreviations, trunk ids, etc.

rahelianafrica.com .

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I was on ebay searching for police auctions,but my search returned a bunch of scanners. I'd assume if they sell them,they are not illegal. Most

Scanner Graphics . animal birds photosearch-Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Ontario Division .. who are attempting to travel home after arduous medical .

i'm a news photographer and just about all media outlets (tv/radio/newspaper) use scanners. I got my first photos published by using a scanner.

we are a patriot organization that believes in upholding. .. the united states constitution.this is .

Can somebody direct me to some sites that contain a list of scanner laws that are effective in Ontario. I already know about http://www.police-scanner.

Have you ever wondered what the Police are doing in your area? Well if you live in Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, you don't need to wonder any longer!

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